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marmalade originals

by geraldine

handmade in seattle

what is marmalade?

in the 1700s, when a storm damaged ship carrying seville oranges sought refuge in Dundee harbor the cargo was sold off cheaply to a down on his luck grocer. His wife saw potential in those oranges so she boiled them up whole with some sugar and made the sweet spread that is unique and delicious. Geraldine has taken this idea of making something unique and delicious out of colorful cotton fabric.


she is a maker of things; skirts, little girls dresses, blankets, pillows, upholstered furniture, jokes, lemon pound cake and much more. she's been sewing since the late 70s and has a true sense of peace as her machine whirrs with her latest creation under the presser foot. she is a mother of 4 with 10 grand-humans and 2 grand-dogs. her studio is located at the edge of Lake Washington in Seattle where she can also be found paddling along the waters edge in her kayak lovingly named Emma after a strong fellow grannie named Emma Gatewood. Geraldine takes happiness and comfort to heart and feels that all humans who wish to wear a skirt should have one that is flattering and most of all comfortable. 

its all in the details

when you look closely at your skirt you will find geraldine has used orange thread. this is her way of putting her stamp of intention on your skirt as if it is held together by with sweet sticky marmalade and as you shimmy the skirt on over your hips you'll feel the stretch from cutting the cotton across the grain of the fabric to give a comfortable flattering fit that can be worn high or low on your waist.

quality guarantee

all skirts are guaranteed. if you're not happy with your skirt you may return for a full refund. if your skirt has a flaw geraldine will mend it for you. if your body changes the skirt can be sized down for a $10 fee.